Minutes, April 22, 2021

City Club of Eugene
Board of Directors Meeting Notes

April 22, 2021

Call to Order:  5:35 pm

Board Members Present (via zoom):  Scott Coltrane – President; Kitty Piercy – President elect; Skip Coburn – Treasurer, J. Ingrid Kessler – Secretary; Joshua Burstein, Margaret Hallock. Marilyn Milne, Ralph Pledger, Laural O’Rourke

Executive Director: Silver Mogart

Guest:  Joel Korin

  1. Approved Minutes – Approved as presented.
  1. Approved Agenda – Approved with additions as they appear below.
  1. Executive Director’s Report(Silver) – Notes were provided in advance of our meeting.
    1. Viewership is down in general.
    2. Marketing:
      1. YouTube: We need 100 subscribers for a personalized YouTube account which has some marketing benefits. To be published in the newsletter to encourage members to subscribe.
      2. Website: We will use bold banner space to advertise tapings
    3. Membership:
      1. We have some new members, so numbers are pretty steady.
      2. Our emails are going to junk for some members. Silver will investigate the extent of this problem and how to fix it.
    4. Sponsors: We have some ongoing sponsorships returning as well and at a higher level too. Thank you Justice Lawyers!
    5. Office Matters: Zoom has been renewed for the coming year. The venue committee is on the search for new space. Steve Robinson has been asked to ask the Ballet to please keep the hallway clear.
    6. Media Outreach: Our email subject line will now contain the title of the program.  We will also feature the time of the taping. Press releases will include invitations to ask a question and to contact Silver for a Zoom link.
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Skip) – A written report was provided in advance of our meeting.
    1. Financials are not quite ready yet, we’re still waiting for some key information. They will be provided soon. Our cash position is healthy and shows that we have met some significant expenses with some sponsorships still on the way. 
    2. Bloomerang
      1. Conversion is progressing well.
      2. Timing: likely to go live by the middle of May.
      3. Administrator — will be Silver.
      4. Written Guidance to be provided by Skip on how to interact with the platform
Old Business
  1. Venue Committee — Members of the committee are checking out a variety of venues. Most hotels don’t have adequate staff yet. LCC is in process of renting out their space, may not have space left.
  2. Annual Meeting/Election planning – Silver et al;
  3. Treasurer: Skip will be our treasurer. A corrected notice to members was sent out this morning.
  4. Timeline: May 6th — deadline to receive nominations from floor. May 7th through the 13th will be election week. Members are still to be notified as to when voting occurs. Friday May 21 – Election results to be announced at the annual meeting.   
  • Turtles will record the awards on Tuesday May 18th.
  1. Taped portions of the Annual Meeting – Also on Tuesday May 18th. New Board Members will introduce themselves.
  2. Live Virtual Meeting — Discussion ensued with a decision to offer to our members a live Q & A with the Board after the taped material has been viewed.
  3. Media & Newsletter update — Marilyn, Mary, Scott – Notes were provided in advance.
  4. Newsletter — The draft is almost ready. There was a discussion about frequency, perhaps quarterly or semi-annually.
  5. Friday Fora – Ralph & Scott – Six ideas to promote attendance and questioners:
  6. Try to make taping times more uniform to the extent possible.
  7. Invite speakers to invite guests
  • Target of 5 questioners each time — and not the same ones every time!
  • Invite members of affinity groups via the program coordinator.
  • Reach out to people with a phone call.
  • Media Outreach: Our email subject line will now contain the title of the program. We will also feature the time of the taping. Press releases will include invitations to ask a question and to contact Silver for a zoom link.

Membership Committee — Notes were provided in advance

Small Business Membership means 5 FTE including owners.
  1. Organization Membership – A motion was made and seconded to change the name to Non-Profit Membership and that it be offered to 501c3 entities.   The motion passed.
  2. Timing: To be announced at our May meeting and to take effect 7/1.
  3. Benefits: Small Business and Non-Profit memberships will be noted on the website but not at the equivalent of our sponsors.
  4. Implementation details to be worked out by staff.
New Business
  1. Monuments Project Separate Account Authorization  – Skip – We approved spending $500 for Monument Project. Then Round Table gave $2k which they asked us to hold and account for expenses as they came along. So we need to create a restricted Monument Account. It won’t be a separate bank account, this is simply for reporting on our financial statement. The understanding between the two organizations of City Club and Round Table were discussed. There is a paper trail documenting the understanding. A motion  was made to create a restricted account and then seconded.  The motion passed.
  2. Payment Processing — We need to update our system to coordinate with Bloomerang.
  3. Paypal – a third party software vendor to link it to Bloomerang which would be an added expense.
  4. Stripe and Moolah integrate directly.
  • Final choice: Skip is still investigating these two choices in comparison to Paypal. A motion was made to leave the final decision in the hands of the executive committee after Skip presents his findings. It was seconded and then passed.
  1. Turtle Presentation Taping – Scott, Joel, Silver – Notes were sent from the Turtle coordinator. John is moving forward with details. Joel will inquire if assistance is needed.
  2.   Timeline for Annual Fundraising – Scott – Some written details were sent out. The kickoff will occur after our Bloomerang conversion. All Board members will participate in outreach.

Annual Membership Meeting airs May 21, 2021

Summary of Actions and Plans (Ingrid)

Ingrid to send corrected March minutes to Marilyn

Skip will continue to work on: County and other sponsorships and payment platforms (will send info to the whole board, then bring it to the exec committee for consideration and approval). Will send current financials to the board. Is working on memo of Bloomerang operations for the Board. Will create a separate Monuments Project category for accounting purposes.

Silver will alert media about when tapings occur, as well as invite attendees to not just attend but ask a question. Will put the subject of the program in the email subject line. To check about sending emails to not junk. 

Joel will contact Sam Metz about sponsorship. Will try to make taping times uniform to the extent possible. Will ask program coordinators to invite people to tapings. Will follow up with John about Turtle details.

Marilyn is going to continue to follow up with Kaiser Permanente. Ask members to subscribe to us on YouTube.  Will use the banner on our website to feature upcoming projects.

Margaret will continue to work with King Estate Winery and pursue other sponsorships.

Adjournment at 7:01

Faithfully Submitted, J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM, Board Secretary