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Our Future Is in Good Hands: Scholars of the UO Class of 2021

Near the end of every school year, the University of Oregon showcases the work done by undergraduate scholars with the support of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE) in a public research symposium. We often think of a university as a place where a community hands down the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. In this program, we are reminded that knowledge creation is (and always has been) also the mission of universities. Even the undergraduate can participate. In this third annual celebration of their remarkable achievements, City Club of Eugene presents a sample of young researchers’ work….

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News from City Club of Eugene

Reimagining Monuments

City Club of Eugene is launching a project to begin imagining a new generation of monuments for Eugene. Last summer’s protests reminded us that some monuments have passed their period of relevance. Programs and publications since then have shown that the messages a community needs from its monuments can change over time. Guided by Mary Leighton, City Club of Eugene partners with several groups to engage youth in finding important contemporary subjects and messages and designing monuments to convey them.

In the first week in April, students in the BEST Afterschool Program at Kelly Middle School will do a quick review of the nature of monuments, using examples from across the US and from local Indigenous people. Then they will get acquainted with a few notable Oregonians and historical events, to promote understanding of the many ways people and events can inspire us. They will identify monument-worthy people or events in their own lives and design a monument to celebrate them. Their final work will include both the designs of proposed monuments and artist statements describing the subject and theme of their monumental proposals.

Eugene Cultural Services Division is scheduling the exhibition of student work in the windows of downtown buildings in mid-June, in time for Juneteenth Celebrations. All art submitted by students and reflecting their serious consideration of the theme will be included in the exhibit.

Learn more about this project in a KEZI news feature.

Art educator and visionary Malik Lovette will lead the workshops at Kelly. Malik earned his BA in fine arts at UO in three years, while playing football mostly as a wide receiver. He then finished his years of eligibility while earning an MEd at Northern Arizona, and is currently working with the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art as a curriculum and program developer. He recently won one of the Jordan Schnitzer BLM art grants, and plans to pursue a UO graduate degree in architecture this summer. He is animated about this topic and its power to help young people develop strong identity and engage in community life. He founded the company Let Us Have Vision to support youth development through art.

The Round Table Club of Eugene provided major support as a collaborator in this project. Founded in 1912 for “the social and intellectual enjoyment of its members,” the club provides a forum in which citizens and members of the University of Oregon share friendship and the opportunity for intellectual growth.

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By Skip Coburn, Treasurer


CCE ended FY 2019-2020 with net assets of $25,172. Our expenditures were reduced when we shifted to virtual ZOOM meetings that began in March 2020. The unrestricted cash at the end of FY 2019-2020 was $41,681. This was much higher than in previous years, due to addition of new diamond-level sponsors and a successful Summer 2020 fundraising campaign.

Last October, the Board approved a budget for FY 2020-2021. Projected revenues are $63,200 and are matched by expenses. Expenses include the cost of the website redesign, creation of a podcast, and a contingency for unforeseen expenses. The Board approved changing its data management system, which is currently in conversion and will further enhance CCE’s fundraising efforts.