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Gifts to the City

City Club of Eugene recruited 10 speakers to give gifts to the city of Eugene.

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The Closure of Eugene’s Hospital: Now What?

PeaceHealth is closing Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene. City Club of Eugene will provide information on the impact of the closure on the city’s 200,000 residents.

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Bethel: The Past, Present and Future of Eugene’s Community Within a City

Learn more about Bethel, Eugene’s community within the city, at the Friday, Dec. 1 City Club of Eugene forum. Speakers include Lane County Commissioner Pat Farr; Bethel School District Superintendent …

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News from City Club of Eugene

Board Meeting Minutes, Sept 28, 2023

Attendees: Andrew Kalloch; Sally Bell; Kathryn Adair; Marilyn Milne; Marti Ravits; Evan
Tucker (Intern); Thomas Hiura; Randi Bowers-Payne (Managing Director)

2023-2024 Program Year Goals:
Make City Club more accessible, action-oriented, (2) ctsiliention-Oriented (3) Resilient
discretion, may allow certain individuals or groups of individuals to access Membership
without paying dues (eg. volunteers, youth, students, active military, veterans, etc).

Meeting called to order by City Club of Eugene President, Andrew Kalloch

Action: September Minutes
Marilyn Milne moved to approve the September minutes. Kathryn Adair seconded, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Discussion: City Club Intern
Evan Tucker was introduced and welcomed to the board. Evan is a dual-enrolled student
at both Lane and the University of Oregon. Evan is also working at the UO Holden Center.
Discussion: Nominations Committee
To develop the upcoming board slate, the board will act as a committee of the whole.
There will be no separate nominating committee meetings. Discussions will be held
during future board meetings. The board hopes to build new relationships that invite
future board members to enthusiastically say yes to participation. The board will begin its
development of a nomination slate earlier than the historical springtime launch. By
Thanksgiving, board members will present at least one name for the nomination slate.
The board discussed ideal candidates as having the following characteristics: those who
have an interest in the work of City Club. Current membership is not required for
nomination consideration. Current board members acknowledged the existing
nomination prospect list.

Discussion: Sponsored Forum
The importance of City Club’s financial sustainability was emphasized as critical to its
ability to continue providing programs. A sponsored model allows a more clear
connection between programs and sponsorship by intentionally connecting revenue to
input. This may increase sponsor opportunities. Board members discussed the “look and
feel” of a sponsored forum approach. A sponsored model does not allow the sponsor to
drive the content or make all decisions related to the program. The board explored many
questions that it will revisit as this model is implemented. As a next step, the program committee will develop a program and seek sponsorship.

Discussion: Annual Campaign
The board discussed the outcome of the annual campaign. Several challenges were
discussed and identified, including: record keeping and broad economic fundraising
challenges. Board members explored the financial sustainability impacts of membership
versus sponsorship models. The board discussed its goal in providing impact and enough
funding to maintain operations. A future City Club may focus on organization/company
members who offer City Club of Eugene as an employee benefit.

Discussion: Finance
For future board meetings, the monthly report will be sent earlier. City Club has officially
transitioned away from having a paid bookkeeper. This means the Treasurer and
Managing Director are now responsible for all aspects previously managed by the
bookkeeper. The Treasurer will convene a Finance Committee with the primary purpose
of making City Club more sustainable. The committee will meet quarterly to review
finances and make recommendations to the board. The committee will convene for the
first time in October for the purpose of proposing a 23-24 budget. The budget will be
presented at the October board meeting. Finance Committee members are:
Jacob Trewe
Tim Marcotte
Samantha Roberts
Kathryn Adair (Treasurer)
Andrew Kalloch (President)
Randi Bowers-Payne (Managing Director)
Board members were advised that City Club is pursuing a visa card. The card will not carry
a balance and is intended as a risk mitigation effort. The credit card provides protection of
City Club assets beyond what is available for debit cards. Each month the card will be
paid off in full.

Action: Membership Committee Proposed
The board reviewed the below proposed committee bylaw changes:
PROPOSED LANGUAGE: 2.3.1 Dues. The amount of annual membership dues shall be
established by majority vote of the Board of Directors. Annual dues shall be payable for a
membership year expiring on the last day of the month the dues are paid. The dues
schedule may be changed with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Board, at its
discretion, may allow certain individuals or groups of individuals to access Membership
without paying dues (eg. volunteers, youth, students, active military, veterans, etc.
PROPOSED LANGUAGE: 2.3.3 Failure to Pay. A member’s failure to pay dues or
assessments by the last day of the month that their dues were paid in the previous year
shall result in termination of membership, without prejudice with respect to a
subsequent reapplication.
Marilyn Milne moved to adopt the changes. Kathryn Adair seconded and the changes
were unanimously approved.

Discussion: Program Committee
The committee is working to think about and schedule the new year. The board
discussed the first City Club on-the-road program at Arcimoto. Overall the program was
seen as a success. Some attendees reported walking because the venue was near their
home. Some folks came instead of listening because it was convenient. On-the-road
presents an opportunity to invite targeted attendees and reach those who may not
normally attend programs. This is a new way to get people in the room. The next
scheduled City Club on the road will be at Willamette High School on 12/1/2023.

Discussion: Media Committee
Thomas Hiura covered Marilyn Milne in editing programs for KLCC and our podcast while she was away. It is a success that City Club now has backups available for when committee members are away or ill.

Discussion: Managing Director Report
Board members received an annual onboarding handbook and were asked to review
then return the signature page. A winter retreat was previewed as a future board
discussion item.
The 22-23 Summary Trends and Opportunities were presented. Evan Tucker provided a
summary of observations:
City Club hosted approximately 39 programs
City Club programs were attended by approximately 934 people
City Club sent 55,582 newsletters to subscribers
City Club subscribers opened 23,861 newsletters
City Club has 1,151 newsletter subscribers
City Club programs received at least 3,834 YouTube views
City Club YouTube programs were viewed on average approximately 171 times per
City Club began both the fiscal and 2023 calendar year with less than 100 members
and ended the year with 111 active members
City Club programs were attended on average by approximately 43 people
City Club experienced staff and contracted bookkeeper transitions
City Club Facebook posts were viewed on average approximately 63 times

Meeting Adjourned.