Board Meeting Minutes, May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023
Attendees: Andrew Kalloch (President), Kaarin Knudson (Past President), Ingrid Kessler
(Treasurer), Sandy Smalley (Secretary), Kathryn Adair, Marilyn Milne, Ralph Pledger, Marti
Absent: Sally Bell, Thomas Hiura, Miles Pendleton

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Ralph Pledger
The committee hasn’t met for awhile, but he can report that we currently have 92 members.
We are still considering the value of membership. If we decide to provide a tangible item
(mug, tote bag, pen), we have to deduct the value of those items and report that for tax purposes. Currently members and nonmembers can ask questions of our speakers, Should we return to the former protocol of “members only,” creating value to membership? To encourage questions, consider adding a microphone to the right side of the room so
questioners don’t have to walk in front of speakers.
There was a suggestion to have a membership drive at the end of the year.
Marti Ravits and Kaarin Knudson are joining the Membership Committee. Marti is the liaison
between the Development Committee and the Membership Committee.

Media Committee: Marilyn Milne
Andrew, Kaarin and Randi are trained on editing programs for our podcast and broadcast.
We pay for an ad in the Eugene Weekly every month. Is this a good use of our money? The
recommendation was made to switch from print advertising to online advertising, although we want to maintain our longterm relationship with the Weekly. We should be included in the calendar in the Weekly as well.

Program Committee: Andrew Kalloch
Joel Koren is continuing as Chair; Mary Leighton is leaving as Secretary.
We have open dates for July. Anyone can suggest a program online or directly to a member.

President’s Report: Andrew Kalloch
Andrew has three goals for the year: Make the Club Accessible, Action Oriented, and
Accessible: Consider meeting times outside of Friday fora.
The Board should “work the room” at fora. Make everyone welcome and
nurture connections.
Speakers should be approached about membership. Perhaps offer a free
membership for one year.
Develop a pipeline from the Program Committee to the Board.
Action Oriented: One – bring knowledge, two – respond, take action.
Resilient: We need more people in positions – volunteers, committees, the Board. Recruit
for specific needs. Current members should offer testimonials re: what they
value and what is required.
Discussed a vinyl decal or other swag with a tagline. Possible suggestion: “We are City Club
Informed and Involved.”

Committee Chairs for this year:
Program: Joel Koren
Membership: Ralph Pledger
Development: Sally Bell
Finance: Treasurer, currently Ingrid Kessler
Turtles: Kaarin Knudson
Media: Marilyn Milne (This isn’t an official committee according to our bylaws. That will
need to be addressed in the future.)

Treasurer’s Report: Ingrid Kessler
Because our new bookkeeper has taken on additional responsibilities, he has incurred
additional expenses. We have spent our annual budget for bookkeeping by May. He will feel
more comfortable in his role next year, so Ingrid believes we should continue with his
services for this year.
Last calendar year was a year of transition and our fund raising was quiet. We have six
months of operating revenue on hand, but we need to increase our fund raising this year.
We previously banked with Columbia Bank, which has merged with Umqua Bank. Ingrid
has interviewed Umqua Bank and Summit Bank. Should we interview a third bank? There
was a recommendation to interview a national bank due to the recent fragility of local
banks elsewhere.
Our fiscal year budget is finalized October 1, 2023.

Managing Director’s Report: Randi Bowers-Payne
We have had excellent views of recent programs.
Our annual fundraising campaign is underway. Randi and Sally are hoping for 100%
participation from the Board.

Sandy Smalley, Secretary