Board Meeting Minutes, June 22, 2023

City Club of Eugene
Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Andrew Kalloch (President), Ingrid Kessler (Treasurer), Sandy Smalley (Secretary), Randi Bowers-Payne (Managing Director), Kathryn Adair, Thomas Hiura, Marilyn Milne, Miles Pendleton, Ralph Pledger, Marti Ravits
Absent: Sally Bell, Kaarin Knudson

Treasurer’s Report: Ingrid Kessler
After discussion, a motion was made to switch our accounts from Umpqua Bank (formerly Columbia Bank) to Summit Bank. The motion was passed unanimously.
We have two accounts, one is attached to our debit card, the other is a larger account which is available for future opportunities.
The financial report is attached to today’s agenda.
This will be Ingrid’s last meeting as Treasurer. Due to other commitments, she is too busy to continue in this role. She will remain on the Board, and Kathryn Adair will assume the position of City Club Treasurer beginning next month.

President’s Report: Andrew Kalloch
Andrew’s three goals for the year are to make City Club Accessible, Action-oriented and Resilient.
Accessible: Increase our media outreach (Reddit, Spotify, Apple) . Bandwidth is a potential problem.
Action-oriented: Encourage members and listeners to take civic action based on a program. One suggestion was to have a list at the end of a program on how to contact the speaker or take action on their topic. Perhaps have papers on the tables at Friday forum with this contact information. Andrew will take this back to the Program Committee for their input.
Resilience: We should have a statement addressing the effect of sponsorship on a program. There is no effect. CCE should have a statement of volunteer responsibilities and ethics. Some suggested language has been offered. The Board will discuss at a future meeting.

Committee Reports:
Membership Committee: Ralph Pledger
The Committee is still discussing the value of a membership, and not everyone agrees. Our older protocol was that only members can ask a question of the speaker. We want to be an inclusive club. Does this requirement fit that model? The Committee will continue to grapple with this question.
The Committee has suggested the value of a “members-only” social event, but nothing has been decided.
Program Committee: Andrew Kalloch
The programs are set for July. CCE takes August off; no programs are scheduled for the month.
Media Committee: Marilyn Milne
Our podcast had 20 listeners for Back to Basics; 11 for the Turtle Awards.
We have a new member of the AV team, Jason.
We have budgeted $2,000 for website maintenance. We have 16 minutes left. Marilyn would like to buy a block of 4 hours @ $65/hour.
Development Committee: Randi Bowers-Payne
So far we have $7300 donated. Postcards are still going out. Randi is willing to provide contact information with emails, phone numbers and prior giving history so we can reach out to our contact lists.
Managing Director Report: Randi Bowers-Payne
We have a new template for Board meetings and reports.
There is work on onboarding our two new Board members, Kathryn and Thomas.
She is working on increasing community engagement: BEST, Young Professionals.
There were two corrections to last month’s minutes. Randi was left off attending members, and Marilyn asked for clarity re: online advertising. She is working with multiple sources, not just the Eugene Weekly.

Our next Board meeting is Thursday, July 27 at 5 pm at Claim 52.