Minutes, July 22, 2021

July 22, 2021
Call to Order 5:30 pm
Board Members Present: Kitty Piercy, Scott Coltrane, Skip Coburn, Kaarin Knudson, Ingrid Kessler, Sandra Smalley, Juan-Carlos Molleda, Marilyn Milne, Andrew Kalloch and Ralph Pledger
Guests: Mary Leighton, Joel Korin
1. Welcome and additions to agenda: There were no additions. Sequence changes were made to accommodate the schedules of guests.
2. Venue Committee Report – Mary – Notes were provided in advance. Over 20 venues were explored with three finalists identified based on availability, cost, and facility. Each of those finalists were discussed including pros and cons.
   a. Considerations: location, parking, accessibility, sign-in area, food service, technical support and connectivity as well as amenities such as restroom access and storage.
   b. Finalists: First United Methodist Church, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, and the Vet’s Club.
   c. Inclusivity: Many people meet in the two churches for secular meetings including hunger and housing relief. These are known civic meeting places.
   d. Action: Silver and Sandy will ask additional, final questions of the three finalists. We will then vote via email. We will get this done within the week.
3. Adopt minutes of the last board meeting – The minutes were approved.
4. Executive Director Report – Silver – Notes were provided in advance.
   a. Viewership numbers were reviewed and discussed.
   b. Viewer feedback was received on programs that were seen as controversial.
   c. Membership numbers are steady at 143.
   d. Sponsorship numbers 21 in all.
   e. Annual drive donations are coming in.
   f. Podcasts are doing well.
   g. Survey results and discussion – we worked with Survey Monkey to get the full use of the survey and access to all respondents.
      i. 44% of respondents were not members. This is an opportunity for membership growth. It also shows we have good reach into the community.
      ii. The breadth of interest in topics was great feedback and very affirming.
      iii. Ongoing engagement: It is so encouraging that people are planning to continue their participation with us as we return to in person meetings.
      iv. Frequency of programming was discussed. Meeting in person, we usually had 50 – 70 people with 30 regulars every week. Weekly programming allows not just for more variety in programming but also more variety of audience. It also is part of our relationship with our sponsors, KLCC, etc.
      v. Lunch may be helpful for those in the middle of a workday.
      vii. Ease of access may be helpful for those in the middle of a workday.
      vii. Speakers: We should reach out speakers from within our own engaged community. We will combine speakers from the national stage with speakers here on our local stage via hybrid meeting technology. Should we consider an honorarium even for a special speaker for a special occasion?
      viii. Action: Silver and Scott will work with Survey Monkey to continue to analyze survey.
5. President’s Report – Kitty.
   a. Thank you to the Board for our hard work.
   b. Committees please bring back recommendations, the things you believe will move us forward, for the coming year to our September board meeting.
   c. Coming back live is a grand opportunity – and a responsibility.
6. Financial Report (Skip) – Notes were provided in advance.
   a. Sponsorships: We had a big month in sponsorships. We have four remaining gold sponsors to renew within this business year.
   b. Annual appeal: We are just starting to see those numbers with more to come. We already have 16K in match pledges and have already collected 55% of our 25K goal, which is 66% of our budgeted amount since we budgeted for 20K. We’re doing well! But the hardest part is now coming and we ask please for the support of the board in getting donations.
   c. Insurance: Our liability insurance is up to date as is employment practices. We have Director and Officer insurance. Our new employment practices is the same coverage for $15 less.
7. Media Report, Marilyn: Notes were provided in advance. We have several considerations as we resume in person meetings and commence hybrid meetings.
   a. In September we will be engaging speakers to speak on Fridays at noon.
   b. Audio facilities, thanks to Jim Dotson, will remain in place.
   c. Video: We need equipment and a videographer. Costs were discussed. We could reach out to members to see if anyone has these skills as well as continuing to research a professional.
   d. Technology integration for hybrid meetings was discussed. Multiple issues need to be addressed. For this reason, we will have only live speakers in September. Likewise, we do not yet have the ability to livestream. Alternatives, even such as iPhone recording, were considered.
   e. Social media: It needs a point person. It may become necessary to hire someone to zero in and take responsibility. An intern from the school of media? Allen Hall PR, School of Journalism? Costs were discussed.
   f. Advertising: Discussion was tabled for time. The media committee will move forward within the annual budget for advertising.
   g. Action: A motion was made to use $1000 from our contingency fund for development of our video facilities. It was amended to $1100 which is the anticipated cost of equipment. Seconded. The motion passed.
8. Membership Report – Ralph: The committee is continuing discussions about boosting membership and diversifying membership. Tabled for time.
9. Program Report – Joel: Tabled for time.
10. Nomination Committee: We have an open position on the Board. Kitty to convene the committee.

11. Addition of SLACK to the City Club makeup? Tabled for time.

Adjournment – 7:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted, J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM, Board Secretary