Gifts to the City – December 2020

Date: December 18, 2020

Time: Available anytime to visitors

Event Type: Online/Virtual
Cost: Free


Eugene, Oregon

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Even those who believe Eugene is a practically perfect place to call home occasionally see a gap where an asset should be. What that gap seems to be depends on where they are standing. What constitutes the right asset to fill it depends on their understanding of community. In this annual program, City Club invites people from different corners of our little world to imagine they have been given a magic wand with the sole purpose of conjuring up a gift that would perfectly meet our collective need. We ask them to give this virtual gift to the City. In a year when we have removed from our public collection some monuments that have passed their prime, we encouraged givers to imagine filling those spaces with new monuments, symbolizing the message of their gift.

Reprising his role as emcee is The Reverend Daniel Bryant, who is now retired from his long tenure as pastor of First Christian Church and enjoying work as the full-time Executive Director of Square One Villages. He will introduce the 10 presenters.


Name: Jeanette Kime, aka SluGoddess SlimeShine
Title: our “raining goddess" the SLUG Queen
Organization: the Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod

Jeanette Kime is Eugene’s reigning Slug Queen. Participating in this program is one of Her Highness’s royal duties.

Name: Emily Halnon

Emily Halnon set an Oregon Pacific Crest Trail Record by running 455 miles in 7 long days, averaging 57 miles a day. She ran as a memorial for her mother, who died this year of a rare cancer. Her run raised more than $32,000 for rare cancer research.

Name: Joel Iboa
Title: Founding Director
Organization: The Oregon Just Transition Alliance

Joel Iboa is the founding director of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance, a movement of communities facing environmental racism, climate change, and economic exploitation. He is also the chair of the Governor’s Environmental Justice Task Force, a member of the Eugene police commission, and for six years he managed outreach programs for Causa of Oregon and Beyond Toxics.

Name: Jennifer Scurlock
Title: English Teacher
Organization: Churchill High School

Jennifer Scurlock is a 4J School District teacher and is also a director of the Oregon Education Association and a member of the Oregon State Board of Education.

Name: Tim Black
Title: Winter Strategies Coordinator
Organization: St. Vincent DePaul

Tim Black returned to the nonprofit sector after many years in higher education administration.

Name: Camilla Mortensen
Title: Editor-In-Chief
Organization: Eugene Weekly

Camilla Mortensen has a doctorate in comparative literature and an MA in folklore, and teaches writing and news writing at Lane Community College in her spare time.

Name: Midas Well
Title: Direct Action Coordinator
Organization: Black Unity

Midas Well belongs to Black Unity. Since starting in June 2020, the group has expressed its commitment to an equitable and healthy community in a broad array of activities, including demonstrations in support of racial justice, clothing and food drives, social gatherings that follow public health guidelines, and free Thanksgiving dinners.

Name: Timothy Ingalsbee, PhD
Title: Faculty Research Associate
Organization: University of Oregon

Timothy Ingalsbee also works with FUSEE, Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology. Timothy began his career as a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service.

Name: Mustafa Kasubhai
Title: Judge
Organization: US Magistrate Court

Mustafa Kasubhai serves now as a judge in the US Magistrate Court, after working as a State Circuit Court judge and as an attorney in private practice.

Name: Sarah Medary
Title: Eugene City Manager
Organization: City of Eugene

Sarah Medary has 24 years of experience with the City of Eugene, including nine years as Assistant City manager and six as the director of the Planning and Development Department.

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