Board Minutes, Oct. 28, 2021

City Club of Eugene
Board Meeting Minutes
Oct. 28, 2021
Board Members Present: Kitty Piercy, Skip Coburn, Scott Coltrane, Andrew Kalloch, Kaarin Knudsen, Ingrid Kessler, Marilyn Milne, Ralph Pledger, Sandy Smalley. Executive Director: Silver Mogart.
Call to Order: 5:30 pm

  1. Welcome
  2. Adopt minutes of September Board meeting – adopted as presented.
  3. Executive Director’s report – Notes were provided in advance.
    A. Program Metrics: Podcast numbers are now provided.
    B. Client Relationship Management: Our tie to NEON will expire this month which will streamline our processes as that redundancy is eliminated. Membership auto-renewal will also stop at this time, so we will be watching carefully to serve and maintain membership renewal.
    C. Meeting Space: A contract was provided by the Church with broad language describing many circumstances. However, additional language, for example including COVID issues, is needed. This work is in progress. Potential caterers are being arranged with Reality Kitchen and Café Yumm both in consideration.
    D. Membership numbers are steady at 136.
    E. Sponsorships were reviewed and holding strong.
    F. Fundraising: KLCC has a non-profit drive that they may (or may not) do this year in conjunction with Giving Tuesday. If they do, we have asked to be a part of it.
  4. President’s Remarks
    A. Our next Board meeting will be on 11/18.
    B. Staffing: As the Club evolves, what are our staffing needs? Kitty asks that all Directors please forward our thoughts to her as soon as possible.
  5. Committee Reports
    A. Membership – notes were sent in advance describing committee proposals:
    1) Offer membership to panelists. This was discussed at our last meeting with no noted downside. Program coordinators will extend the invitation to panelists.
    2) Create a brochure printed in English and Spanish describing our club and inviting people to participate. It would be distributed to organizations that serve the Latino and other communities. Questions ensued including a concern that brochures are outdated. Do we know that our intended audience wants a brochure? Who will provide translation services? How would we get permission to place the brochures, and where? What about expense? Who would create this brochure? It would be useful to have a leave-behind — perhaps a leaflet or a business card. The idea was sent back to committee for further development and a more concrete proposal.
    3) Staff tables at events such as local celebration events where we would distribute our brochure or leave-behind as well as talk to participants about CCE.
    4) Connect with U of O and LCC as well as Bushnell College and ask professors to offer extra credit to students who attend CCE fora. A committee member has offered to write the worksheet. This would likely be a year-long project. The committee will continue to flush out this idea.
    B. Program –
    1) Recommendation to plan for the in-person transition at the beginning of 2022. A motion was made to begin the process of planning to return to in person events at the beginning of 2022. It was seconded. Question: Will this include a hybrid model? Yes. Question: What is our fall-back plan if it isn’t yet safe to meet in person? The decision will be re-examined and confirmed as we move forward and in our December Board meeting on 12/16. The motion carried.
    C. Nominating Committee – 13 possible people have been identified to fill two open positions.
    D. Development – Skip Coburn is our new chair! Renewals for sponsors are going well so far with three for three sponsors renewing as our new fiscal year begins.
    E. Budget/Finance – Reports were provided in advance.
    1) We discussed our past fiscal year: It ended with a 26% increase in revenue compared to budget including robust sponsorship activity. Skip is working to get the accounting of donations to accurately reflect what our annual campaign brought in. We had 1% less expenses than expected. Other details include: The contingency account was used for our Bloomerang conversion which had Board approval. Operating expenses were a bit elevated while Bloomerang and Neon overlapped. Video streaming was over budget due to equipment purchases which the board approved. Net assets improved due to increased revenue and decreased expenses.
    2) The budget for the upcoming year was reviewed in detail. Income: The annual campaign goal will be 25K. Lunches: we’re likely to have 33 fora, but this may vary. Membership dues were calculated anticipating 135 members, which may be conservative. Sponsors: right now we have 22. We budgeted for 25 sponsors for a net gain of three. Question: Have we considered increasing the cost of sponsorship levels? No, this hasn’t been discussed. Expenses: We have a budget for advertising and will spend it. Office rent will be increasing because we need new space. We may find space as early as January, but we may come in under budget if we find space later in the year than that. Each committee has been given a budget for projects to be determined. Meeting expenses will be going up due to resuming in person meetings. The hybrid meetings have been inserted into expenses as have website improvements/maintenance. Podcasts are once again being financially supported. Payroll expenses are flat which can be adjusted as necessary by Board approval. We have a contingency reserve that requires Board approval to spend it. Discussion: We need to include rent for a closet to securely store our items which will be $40 a month. There was a motion to approve the budget as presented and amended to include changes to membership dues and program meeting expenses. It was seconded. The motion carried.
    3) Balance Sheet: We will be eliminating the monument account as that activity comes to an end.
    F. Media – A written report was provided. Questions were invited and there were none.
  6. Further business: None
  7. Adjourned at 6:35 pm.
    Respectfully submitted, J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM, Board Secretary