Board Meeting Minutes, Oct. 27, 2022

In attendance: Kaarin Knudson, Sally Bell, Andrew Kalloch, Ingrid Kessler, Marilyn Milne, Miles Pendleton, Kitty Piercy, Ralph Pledger, Martha Ravits

Meeting began at 5:34 p.m. Kaarin Knudson began the meeting by describing some of the “miraculous” work Board Members have done to bring our last programs together despite challenging cancellations.

Ingrid Kessler moved and Andrew Kalloch seconded the approval of minutes from the September 2022 meeting.

Ingrid gave the Treasurer’s Report. We have a healthy balance in our account, due in part to no payroll expenses this fall.

Our bookkeeper Erin Bonner is retiring and we need to find a replacement. Ingrid praised Erin’s service to us. Kitty Piercy suggested that the Board give a gift of gratitude to this woman who has also provided historical memory of our organization.

Lane County renewed its sponsorship at $5K after Kaarin’s efforts.

We have collected $182 in donations from lunches at in-person meetings coordinated by Mary Leighton.

Ingrid looks forward to identifying and working with a new bookkeeper.

Kaarin gave a President’s Report.  Fall “Election Programming” is now complete and was very impressive. The Wayne Morse Fellow Juliet Shor provided economic and work information that is confidential until published next month; therefore, her program cannot be displayed on our website until that time.

Kaarin showed charts about CCE effectiveness. Program in-person attendance and distance views combined averaged about 200 viewers in past months, with the Gun Control Measure, 114, rating close to 700. That program has drawn controversial responses and significant engagement online.

In-person attendance has been approximately 50/50 City Club’s Board/volunteers and other attendees. With several programs we have reach far beyond our Eugene audience; e.g. to the coastal communities this week with discussion of proposed off-shore wind and wave energy installations.

Marilyn Milne said that CCE has had over 1,134 podcast downloads.

Kitty suggested that we propose an article in the Eugene Weekly about our forums and others to attract new members. Other prospects include an op ed piece or letter to the editor in the Register Guard.

Kaarin was praised for posting content and photos to our live-streaming audience during our programs.

Development Committee Report by Andrew. Ralph Pledger and Ingrid have been writing “thank you” notes to our Sponsors. Ralph has done a wonderful job using Bloomerang. Marilyn suggested that we do special outreach of appreciation to all sponsors at Thanksgiving time. Sandy Smalley has agreed to write these cards when she returns.

It was suggested that when we find a new venue, we try to defray some costs. Marilyn suggested that a top level sponsorship and we should revisit this.

Kaarin led us into Executive Session with the Personnel Committee (Kaarin, Andrew, Ingrid, Kitty and Sandy) to discuss their report on our staffing position.

A Media Committee Report was given by Marilyn. We decided not to place an article in the Eugene Weekly about November programs but to do so for December to publicize the “Gifts to the City” Program. Marilyn praised the heroic efforts of the A/V team in carting around our technical equipment. This difficult task is in need of change. We also need back-up people to stand in for them in case of emergency.

Kaarin gave the Program Committee Report. Our programs have been excellent, but Andrew has been charged with the extraordinary task of coordinating three programs in a row. We need more active members on the committee.

Andrew had to leave the meeting but the Development Committee meets next week and will continue to ask sponsors to renew. Kaarin and Sally have ideas about new partners to invite.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Marti Ravits, secretary pro tem