Board Meeting Minutes, April 26, 2023

Attendees:  Kaarin Knudson (President), Andrew Kalloch (President-elect), Ingrid Kessler (Treasurer), Sandy Smalley (Secretary), Sally Bell, Marilyn Milne, Miles Pendleton, Ralph Pledger, Marti Ravits and Randi Bowers-Payne (Managing Director)
Absent: Kitty Piercy (Past President)

This is Kaarin’s last meeting as City Club President, and she began with words of thanks for the work of the Board, volunteers and committees during her tenure. Board members expressed their appreciation for all the work Kaarin has done for City Club.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee:   (Ralph Pledger)

A new membership flyer/brochure is in the planning stages.

Members are renewing, and new members are joining. We currently have 87 members. Pre-COVID, we had close to 140 members, but that dropped to 60+ immediately after resuming in-person meetings. There was discussion about having a membership drive, but we need to define the value of a membership. Currently the only value to membership is that members elect the Board.

A motion was made, seconded and passed that any donation of $95 or more grants membership for one year. If someone specifically wants to donate, but not become a member, they will be tagged as “anonymous.”

There was discussion about making all memberships begin at one time of the year, rather than rolling dates. This was tabled for future discussion.

Media Committee:  (Marilyn Milne)

Photos taken at Friday fora are appreciated for posting on social media.

Andrew, Randi and Kaarin are all training on editing programs, and we have found professional backup for the AV crew. However, the committee still needs more volunteers.

Marilyn is exploring the possibility of a student sound engineer.

Program Committee:  (Andrew Kalloch)

Joel Korin will continue as chairman of this committee.

There was discussion about partnering with the U of O School of Journalism, the Leadership Enrichment Institute (LEI), the Network Charter School and ECHO at LCC. Friday afternoons are problematic for many students, but maybe there are other opportunities available.

President’s Report:  (Kaarin Knudson)

Our bylaws require 9-11 Board members, meaning we will have two openings when Kitty steps off the Board next month. The Nominations Committee has identified four candidates for Board Directors, two have accepted for this year. Elections will be held in May; all City Club members are eligible to vote.

We will need a President-elect within six months.

The current policy is to provide free lunches to our fora speakers. There was brief discussion about inviting our sponsors to our fora and providing lunch for them. No action was taken.

Director’s Report:  (Randi Bowers-Payne)

There is now a form for all programs with a Zoom tutorial if needed.

Treasurer’s Report:  (Ingrid Kessler)

Randi is now looped into the financials. Please copy both Ingrid and Randi on anything financial.

Development:   (Sally Bell)

Our fundraising goal is $20,000, possibly with a match for part of that.

There will be a dual push using both postcards and email. There is a graphic designer working on the postcards. Sally expects to send 1,000 emails to prospective donors.

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Smalley (Secretary)