We’re Raising Funds to Support Our Mission!

July 8, 2021

Dear City Club Members and Friends,

     In these times, civic discussion is more important than ever, and cost should not be a barrier to participation.

     City Club is raising funds this summer so we can host live meetings again and Come Back Stronger than ever! We’ll provide our virtual meetings as well as our live meetings—a hybrid model. Thus, we’ll incur the expenses of hosting live meetings as well as the need to purchase technology to reach our virtual audience. The board has also reduced the cost of membership. We do this with the goals of expanding membership and creating access for all.

     I am pleased and proud to report to you that we fulfilled our promises to last year’s donors. We had a year of excellent virtual programming, redeveloped our website, provided podcasts, diversified and maintained membership and sponsors. We are working hard to provide access to civic discussions.

     As we kick off our new campaign, I’m writing to ask you for a generous donation. We have acquired matching funds to make your donation twice as valuable. The group of supporters and board members listed below is providing more than $15,000 to launch our campaign. Your contribution will help City Club reach its goals.

     Join us as we Come Back Stronger and learn from each other in this wonderful community. Please contribute to City Club online or by mailing a check to City Club of Eugene at P. O. Box 12084, Eugene, OR 97440.

     Thanks so much for your support of City Club of Eugene’s mission of building community vision through open inquiry.


Kitty Piercy

President, City Club of Eugene


Donors of Matching Funds

Skip Coburn

Scott Coltrane & Wendy Wheeler-Coltrane

David & Ann Fidanque

Duane & David Funk

Margaret Hallock

Anita Johnson

Derek Johnson & Lynette Williams

Andrew Kalloch

Ingrid Kessler & Andy Burke

Kaarin Knudson

Kallen & Joel Korin

Lee & Mary Jean Michels

Marilyn Milne

Juan-Carlos Molleda

Kitty & David Piercy

Ralph Pledger

Martha Ravits

Eric Richardson

Steve Robinson & Nancy Nathanson

Sandy Smalley & Jon Belcher

Roz Stein & Paul Thompson

Marion Sweeney, Kate Laue & Cama Evans

John Van Landingham

Peter & Josephine von Hippel

Ty & Dick Zeller