Minutes, May 27, 2021

Meeting Minutes

City Club of Eugene
Board of Directors

May 27, 2021

Board Members (via zoom)
Kitty Piercy – President

Kaarin Knudson- President elect
Scott Coltrane- Past President
Skip Coburn – Treasurer
J. Ingrid Kessler – Secretary
Members: Andrew Kalloch, Juan Carlos Molleda, Sandy Smalley, Marilyn Milne, Ralph Pledger

Call to order 5:44

Approve Minutes of last month’s meeting — Moved and seconded; approved.

Approve Agenda — Motion to approve as presented with a shift of the president’s report later in the agenda to accommodate technology; seconded; approved

Executive Director’s Report (Silver) – A written report was provided before our meeting.

  1. Membership Engagement. Viewership numbers were reviewed.  Overall, numbers are down a bit.  
  2. Social Media Optimization. We will have our own branded youtube page after 100 subscribers.   Please subscribe!
  3. Election Recap. The election was successfully accomplished according to our bylaws through Election Runner.  We met our quorum with 40 members voting.
  4. We have three new sponsors and 22 sponsors in total.   The kinds of sponsors we have were discussed:  higher ed, medical care providers, financial institutions, law firms, and a variety of small businesses.  A full list of sponsors is available on the website.   Our goal is to increase revenue from sponsorship and from donations to lessen membership dues to appeal to many demographics for personal membership.
  5. Office Details. We have retained our PO box for another year. Silver is going to update his phone.
  6. Client Relationship Conversion. The Bloomerang conversion is still underway with attention to preserving important details such as how long our members have been a part of City Club.
  7. Membership –– Membership numbers ebb and flow and are healthy. With COVID, our goal was to retain sponsors and we exceeded our expectations. Can the software accommodate automatic membership renewals? Yes, Stripe, our new payment processing service will enable us to do that. We can and should advertise that as an option.

President’s Report (Kitty) — This year is all about moving forward. We will become more sophisticated and more accessible to everyone. We want people – all people – knowing that City Club is a place where important community conversations are held. These are big, but not complex, goals.

Treasurer’s Report (Skip) – Financial documents were provided before our meeting.

  1. Balance Sheet. There is temporary line item reflecting restricted funds for the monument project.
  2. Profit and Loss Statement.
    1. Charting: Skip is attending to charting issues to accurately reflect expenses for the monument project and for our Bloomerang conversion.
    2. Income: We reduced membership dues and therefore may not hit our previously budgeted goals, which is intentional.
    3. Overall analysis: we are in very good financial shape with over 7 months operating expenses.

Old Business — There was a call for old business and we are all caught up!

New Business

  1. Timeline for Annual Fundraising – The campaign will be in July after our conversion to Bloomerang is complete. The Development Committee has started identifying potential donors. The committee has new and returning members.
  2. Goals for Annual Fundraising;
    1. We have a goal of raising $20,000.
    2. Funds will be used to:
      1. Get back to live meetings, better. For example, we can use technology to invite local and non-local presenters.
      2. Build Organizational Capacity
      3. Connect with Members to better understand member needs and their experience of City Club.
  1. Please donate online rather than via check.
  1. Ask for Matching Funds for Annual Fundraising – Our campaign will be driven by a group of donors who will match general contributions. There was an appeal to Board members to participate as donors to the core match group at a $500 level.
  2. Appoint Secretary and Treasurer – A motion was made to appoint Skip Coburn Treasurer and J. Ingrid Kessler Secretary. Seconded. Passed.
  3. Appoint Committee Chairs — A motion was made, seconded, and passed to appoint the following: Joel Korin, Program Committee; Marti Ravits, Development Committee; Ralph Pledger, Membership Committee; Skip Coburn,  Finance Committee; Marilyn Milne, Media Committee; Mary Leighton, Venue Committee.
  4. Set Strategic Planning Meeting – It will be our next Board meeting.
  5. Letter of support for OCF – Mary Leighton provided a letter to the board before our meeting that supports the application to OCF from CAFA for the Creative Connections Summer Youth SEL Art Program. After discussion, there was a motion to approve the letter to be sent to OCF, as well as a $28.50 increase to our own grant money to the monument project for bookkeeping purposes. The motion was seconded and then passed.

Announcements – There will be an outside party at Scott’s soon to celebrate outgoing board members.

Summary of Actions and Plans (Ingrid)

All Directors – Please subscribe to us on YouTube. Also please reach out to Kitty about the annual fundraising campaign and whether you might be able to participate as a match donor.

Silver – Feature automatic renewal on the Bloomerang platform.

Skip – Re-chart some items on the April financials, move $28.50 to the monuments project, alert Mary that we are a-ok to send the letter of support to OCF.

Adjournment – 6:40

Faithfully submitted, J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM, Board Secretary