Media Committee: How We Do What We Do

By Marilyn Milne, Chair, Media Committee


Jim Dotson, Marilyn Milne, Wayne Parker, Ralph Pledger, Paul Thompson are the behind-the-scenes workers on the Media Committee. Back in pre-pandemic days, we relied on Jim as well as Todd Boyle, Dan Bryant and Leo Rivers to record the programs. When we switched to remote programs, our workload increased.

Every week, Ralph spends about 2 hours setting up the system and recording the program. Then he needs up to 2.5 hours to edit it for viewing. Ralph gives the resulting audio to Paul and Jim, who spend up to 6 hours cleaning it up and making it fit KLCC’s broadcast requirements. They share the file with KLCC and Marilyn. She spends about 1.5 hours editing it further and writing descriptions to create podcast episodes of most of the programs, then gives it to a sound engineer to create the actual episode.

Please subscribe to our YouTube page! When we reach 100 subscribers, we can customize our page, which will help more people find our programs.

Thanks to our successful fundraising last summer, we were able to redevelop our website. After each program, we now have a way to link to its video as well as its podcast episode. The current, future and archived programs are prominently displayed on our home page, making our content easily accessible to visitors and increasing our visibility to search engines. Ralph, Marilyn and our club’s administrator, Silver Mogart, add to and update the site’s content. Our fundraising also paid for development of our podcast and the cost of the sound engineer. As a result, we are able to reach new audiences.

Many hands make lighter work and allow us to take breaks from the weekly work, which is why the Media Committee seeks more volunteers. If you want to do vitally important behind-the-scenes club work on whatever schedule works best for you, please contact us. You’ll find a group of grateful, welcoming folks who will teach you and support you. Thanks in advance!