Board Meeting Minutes, March 24, 2022

City Club of Eugene
Board Minutes

Board Members Present: Kitty Piercy, Skip Coburn, Kaarin Knudson, Ingrid Kessler, Marilyn Milne, Sandy Smalley, Ralph Pledger Staff Present: Silver Mogart

1. Call to Order and Welcome at 5:34 Our speaker for tomorrow has cancelled due to illness. Arrangements are being made with KLCC to air an alternate program on Monday.

2. ED report – A written report was provided in advance of our meeting.
A. Club Vitality:
a. Audience: We reviewed the number of in-person and virtual attendees of recent programs. As the mask mandate fades, we are expecting our in-person attendance to rise.
b. Membership and sponsorship numbers were reviewed. They are dropping. Discussion: There is a correlation between membership and participation. While we are lowering the cost of membership, we don’t want to lose the people. Club Response: Ralph has been following up with people who haven’t renewed. As the time of quarantine ends, we want to have a membership initiative and welcome people back to joining us in person. There is a concern that participating from home has become habit.
c. Virtual Platform: Silver, Skip and Ralph reviewed our progress with Bloomerang. We are being careful to delineate membership renewal, sponsorship, and donations into their respective categories.
B. Strategic Planning: The SWOT is progressing nicely. There is good communication with Dr. Choquette. Kaarin has agreed to speak to his class with Silver also in attendance.
C. ED Calendar: Silver has made some changes to his calendar to reflect goals and projects for the upcoming year. It will also include important events such as our annual ED review and elections processes.
D. ED Timesheet and Accomplishments: There was a request for more detail on Silver’s toggl report. Silver will investigate further instruction via YouTube. The goal is to efficiently and easily record how he is using his time.
E. Elections: An election runner page, which is a web-based election tracking system, has been established. The election needs to take place within a period of time before the May annual meeting date. We will have a slate of nominees and also the opportunity to nominate from the floor. We will have a window of seven days for people to respond electronically and also in person on the day of the meeting. Sally Bell and Silver will have a conversation about her potential candidacy. Silver will send the board an election timeline.

3. President’s Report
A. ED Progress: The overarching 6 goals are being continually reviewed with Silver. Regular, ongoing meetings are occurring with Skip and Joel having joined the team. Things were significantly bumpy at the start. They are now moving along more smoothly.
B. Masking update: State policy has changed and so far ours has not. Are we going to move now with the state? The Church is following the State process. Attendees can still elect to wear a mask but should we continue to require it? By Board consensus, we will move to State policy. We will update our information that masks are no longer mandatory and, rather, are optional. Nevertheless, it could once again change. We will make sure to get the Church’s approval in writing.

4. Committee Reports
A. Development – The committee is meeting in April and organizing the annual campaign to be held later in the year. This committee is looking for additional members.
B. Finance – Reports were provided in advance of the meeting along with a summary.
a. Cash Balance review: Our cash balance reflects no sponsorship donations coming in over the past month but they are expected in the upcoming months. Many sponsors have indicated that they are renewing. Expenses have an error where rent expense was logged as lunches. This will be corrected. Personnel expense is on target.
b. The monument project temporary account has been removed.
c. Bookkeeping services: Are we satisfied with bookkeeping services? Yes!
d. Accounts Payable: When we get a bill in the mail we need to get it to Erin immediately or risk incurring a service charge. Erin sets up the payment right away, so it is the Club’s responsibility to do our part in a timely fashion. Ingrid noted that Skip pays bills online right away once Erin makes them ready.
e. Insurance Update: We cannot take advantage of becoming a Church insurance rider. But in exploring that option, it came to light that our $2400 bid from Advantage is competitive. We are covered along with our equipment. Can we do an in-kind donation of a policy? Likely not. Agencies would like to donate money rather than a policy.
C. Media – Notes were provided in advance. Great kudos to the incredible work of the committee!!
a. Concern for Volunteer Departure:
i. The Committee has a key volunteer who will be unavailable for the 4/1 forum. That person edits the fora for KLCC and develops a teaser for them to use. The remaining volunteers, along with the intern provided by the Church, will need to accomplish those tasks. This serves as a trial run because that same volunteer is unable to continue volunteering past this program year.
ii. We have other key volunteers leaving or needing to curtail their hours.
iii. Besides the production of our fora, tasks such as maintaining our website, social media management, podcast production, and marketing will all be affected.
b. Potential Solutions:
i. Training: Departing volunteers have said they will help train new personnel.
ii. KLCC: Does KLCC have a person that we could pay to prepare programs for airing? Kitty will set up a meeting with Paul, Marilyn, and Kaarin to discuss how KLCC can benefit and we can, too.
iii: New Employees or Volunteers: Marilyn knows of someone who has a lot of sound experience, but who does not know much about CCE and would need time to become acquainted. Other referrals are needed!
iv. Podcasts: Although we could stop producing these for a while, it feels like a step back. Podcasts can reach students doing papers, younger audiences, or people anywhere in the world. What would it take to continue? Can we use the KLCC audio file for the podcasts? While the length of program and other aspects are different, this could be a good temporary solution.
v. Interns: We can approach the School of Journalism to ask for an intern to produce social media posts.
vi. Organizing the work: Do we have a single line diagram showing what needs to be done each step of the way to produce a program? Yes.
vii. We may need to pick and choose where we put our energy and time!

D. Membership – This committee has some proposals that
have been tabled until we are more past COVID. CCE’s ability to serve food will help boost attendance. Café Yumm delivers and they provide a coffee service as well. We should start small, providing perhaps 20 lunches to start. Other vendors were discussed. We will take care to serve food safely.E. Program – Great work is being done on the committee. We’ll get tomorrow’s program back in the queue. There was a lot of interest in this particular program.

5. Strategic Planning Update
A. Goals: Capacity is first and foremost.
B. SWOT: The executive committee and Silver produced a list of potential interviewees for our SWOT. The list was reviewed by the Board and augmented with 5 alternates. Silver states he will contact most of these people. It needs to be done by the end of this month per our agreement with the class.

6. Compensation Update. The Executive Committee met with Silver and decided that this is not the time for a change in Silver’s compensation. We will continue to examine issues like a retirement plan as our strategic plan moves forward.

7. Nominations Update. We have three openings on our board and three nominees. We need a president elect. Kitty is making ongoing inquiries.8. Other: The Program Committee has asked the Board about two items:
A. Land Acknowledgement: Should we have a land acknowledgement at the beginning of our programs? Discussion: Make sure to listen to the people whom you are trying to respect. Also make sure not to hear one person and then mistakenly believe you know what an entire community wants. We need time and a process to discuss a land acknowledgment. It needs to be sensitive and respectful. Directors are asked to take a look at the document that Kaarin has forwarded to us.
B. Gender Pronoun Preferences: The program committee felt that people should feel welcome to share pronoun preferences with no requirement to do so.

Adjourned at 7:23 pm

Respectfully recorded, J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM, Board Secretary