Board Meeting Minutes, June 23, 2022

Kaarin Knudson (President), Kitty Piercy (Past-President), Skip Coburn (Treasurer), Marilyn Milne, Ralph Pledger, Sally Bell, Miles Pendleton, Silver Mogart (ED)
Absent: Ingrid Kessler (Secretary), Sandy Smalley

  1. Welcome
  2. Review Board Agenda
    a. Welcome & Agenda Review – Secretary absent, choose notetaker
    a. Silver took notes for the agenda outside ED Report; Kaarin took notes for the ED Report
    b. Discussion about need to confirm that Board members and officers are available at planned meeting times.

b. Minutes Approval – May 2022 Meeting Minutes – Approved

c. Executive Director’s Report

  1. ED Report: Programs and Membership (Attached)
    Increase in recent attendance. Strong interest in Ukraine, Refugee program; library services did well despite being education-related (tends to skew lower engagement).

Questions about engagement and feedback on specific programs, and how/when to capture notes or feedback that can be connected to Membership/outreach.

Noted that CCE has specific opportunities to connect programs with community groups and organizations engaged with serving community members related to the program topic.

Opportunity for org to “let go” of pre-pandemic life and metrics, and engage with how City Club currently operates and has changed. We are reaching many more people each week, but it’s not the “old way” of reaching. Desire to do more of both.

Discussion of need to capture demographic information about membership and community we are reaching with programs. Need this information to know how we’re doing with efforts to engage broader audience. Discussion that new models and grant opportunities requiring some insight to this work.

ACTION: Need to capture name/emails for all attendees. Format a weekly sign-in sheet with City Club logo and mission. Include Name/Email/Phone/Member Y/N columns.

  1. Annual Calendar: Review and share to all Board & Committee Members
    ACTION: TBD. Need PDF of City Club Year and list of Committee meetings
  2. Org Documentation: Sharing Google Drive Access – City Club Folder
    ACTION: TBD. Silver has uploaded folder with Press Releases and Kaarin received access today. She added other folders and proposed some basic structure. Additional files or archived documents and materials need to be uploaded into appropriate locations.
  3. Facilities / Office Plan: June/July project, supported by Ingrid/Skip
    ACTION: TBD. Ingrid/Skip volunteered to start office clean-out in July. Silver went to office this week and started clean-out organizing process. Goal to wrap this project before end of August when Skip departs.
  4. Communications: Overview process for welcoming/thanking members
    ACTION: TBD. Silver will document process expected for both mail/online renewals so that we have a procedure. Current experience of members is not consistent.
  5. Forums: Hosting Roles / Needs (refreshments, comfort, greeting, stage)
    ACTION: TBD. Silver responsible; Need to identify basic hosting responsibilities and do them each week. Signage, refreshments, sign-in, table instructions, etc.

d. President’s Report

  1. Strategic Planning Final Report
    a. Brief Review of Highlights
    Board continuing to review the research. Partnerships are critical. Some recommendations are aligned to current efforts of Program Committee; others require Club to take new approaches. Board will continue to develop plan for where City Club should be present in the community, what engagement can look like. In the post pandemic era, it may be important and is an opportunity to grow.
    b. Comments / D­iscussion –
    The heavy lifting of our weekly meeting can be seen as a strength, and continually challenges the Club’s capacity.
    c. Follow-up Planning will be with Exec Committee
  2. City Club Interns –Ryan from the strategic planning group and a new Media intern.
  3. 2022-2023 Program Year Planning – Coming up fast
    a. Plan a Membership/Development Workshop to coordinate goals-
    Proposed meeting or coffee to talk about coordinating goals and efforts.
    b. Link objectives with Venue Committee and 2022/2023 planning-
    Agree to fundamental value of mission and importance, as well as opportunity. But some people have no idea what City Club is. Partner with the University. Programs are our product. Talk with the Program Committee to see if we can do something with a purpose for outreach. Discussion regarding changes to Program frequency and how that would impact partnership with KLCC as well as sponsorships. Additional work needed and links to new approaches. Club looking at how we measure success—how has that changed, what metrics are most important? Reaching more people through multiple channels each week than we did with only live meetings.
  4. Appointment of Committee Members
    a. Andrew Kalloch rejoining Program Committee-
    Kaarin will send official correspondence to Andrew. She is asking for people to be a part of the program committee or this work. People are receptive to this approach. How can we expand and diversify this work. How do we make the City Club more sustainable and an easier yes?
    b. Suggestions of individuals to engage.
    c. Reappointment letters to committee members by July 4
    Program committee needs 3 more people. To share the workload.
    Letters will be out at the 4th of July.
    ACTION: Kaarin still needs full committee contacts list.
  5. Officer / Board Updates
    a. Skip Coburn – July/August transition out of Treasurer role; Ingrid Kessler willing to step into this officer position
    Ingrid and Skip have talked about the process of her moving into a treasurer role. Kaarin will need to sign at the bank so she can sign for future money or payments. Ingrid will need info Bloomerang, what it is and what it is comprised of. Additional discussion needed re: Treasurer role and how expansive it has become given Skip’s experience/capacity. Treasurer should not be solely responsible for tax filings; the coordination of filings is typically an ED responsibility and the Treasurer reviews the materials. The most important report is IRS 990 Form. Kaarin thinks the prep and/or coordination of annual filings should be calendared and a responsibility of staff, with Board oversight and support.
    b. Nominations Committee will convene for
    Conversation regarding the election of the new board member and executive appointment process.
  6. Kaarin – Will be out for week in July and the on crutches after surgery. Correspondence and general mobility will adapt.

e. Committee Reports (Below)

  1. Development
  2. Finance
  3. Media
  4. Membership
  5. Program
  6. Action Items / Thank You


Development (Skip Coburn)
· 2022-2023 Fundraising Campaign begins July 1, 2022. Next Friday!
Last year, we raised around $23,000 from annual appeal to support operations.

Finance / Treasurer (Skip Coburn)

Media (Marilyn Milne)
· We continue to produce the video and audio versions of our programs, which we use on YouTube, KLCC and our podcast. In August, I will apply for an LCC intern to work with the recording team this fall. No one will be able to replace Paul Thompson’s work, but my intent is to have another pair of hands and a mind to relieve some of the additional work that will fall on Ralph Pledger and Jim Dotson when Paul retires. We will continue to utilize the church’s sound expert.

KLCC brought in the program manager at the last meeting. Kitty, Kaarin, Kitty and Jason would be the best meeting. Important to have tight questions. LCC graphic design students is already doing work for us. Work on a template for our enews. Podcast work. Coming to tomorrow’s meeting. She should receive a stipend.
Vote for approval of stipend- passes.

· I put an ad in Eugene Weekly to promote June’s programs. I continue to produce podcast episodes. I have added content to the website, including links to our livestream, YouTube videos and the podcast episodes. I added last month’s approved board minutes. I updated the page for the board of directors. I’m still seeking photos of Marti Ravits and Miles Pendleton, two new board members. I used Sally Bell’s photo in social media, and I want to do that for Marti and Miles, too. I’ve been busy with book readings for several weeks, during which the social media posts were few or non-existent – but Silver created one last week for that program!
· The board talked about meeting with KLCC management to figure out how to modify/improve our process for creating the Monday night programs. We also want to maintain our positive relationship with the station. At our board meeting, I’ll ask for a tentative schedule and volunteers to accompany me to a meeting at the radio station.
· My Big News is that I have an LCC student intern to help with some of my duties through September. Sarah Stuart will work on projects such as promoting our podcast, creating an e-newsletter template before the fundraising campaign, generating more filler material for livestream viewers during our Q&A intermission for programs, working on web content, updating our sponsor brochure, etc.  She will join me in attending Friday’s program.
· At our board meeting, I will ask board approval to pay Sarah a $500 stipend. Skip says the budget can handle it. My reasoning is that we have paid past interns; we paid the intern who created our podcast and we paid the college senior who offered marketing ideas for the podcast, both of whom delivered real work products, just as Sarah will. In addition, it’s the right thing to do. She came aboard with no pay, but it would be taking advantage of her to ignore the reality that students need money like the rest of us.

Membership (Ralph Pledger)
The membership committee held an email exchange “meeting” and agreed to the following three proposals:

· The $10 student membership fee has been more of a problem than a value. We propose to make the student membership free but active only on receipt of a copy of the student card.  Also make half time student status instead of full-time status the minimum requirement.
Discussion about getting rid of the student fee. No vote taken

· The club currently has no small business members, $250/yr rate. We are interested in getting some feedback from the board on the idea of eliminating this membership in favor or nudging small business owners to a sponsor role.
The small business category was developed to help those who were smaller business. In the city, under 50 staff is considered small business

· We believe that we should hold an aggressive membership drive in the fall.

Program (Kaarin, Summarized from 6/1 Program Committee minutes)
· Programs are fully planned through July. The lineup includes: programs on TrackTown during the USA Championships, the State of Oregon Media, the Future of LCC, Medical Mergers & Acquisitions, and the Removal of Dams on the Snake River.

· We’ll return in September 9 with Oregon’s gubernatorial candidates. The fall is looking very “election heavy,” with a candidate forum every Friday from September 9 to October 14. Programs on homeshare and abortion have also been proposed.

· None of this would be possible without the work of the Tech Guys, Paul Thompson, Ralph Pledger and Jim Dotson.