Board Meeting Minutes, April 28, 2022

Board Members Present: Kitty Piercy (president), Scott Coltrane (past president), Kaarin Knudson (president elect), Skip Colburn (treasurer), Marilyn Milne, Ralph Pledger Staff Present: Silver Mogart

1. Call to Order and Welcome at 5:35 pm. Quorum is 5 Board members.

2. Transition in Leadership in May: Tonight is the last Board meeting with Kitty Piercy serving as Board President and Scott Coltrane’s last Board meeting. Group expressed appreciation for Scott’s work as President and Past-President, completing a three-year term of service.

3. E.D. Report –
   a. Latinx Leaders Program Cancellation – Rescheduling for fall. Discussed challenge of cancellation and the need for clear communication between speakers, program coordinator, PC Chair and staff. Identified need for documentation, “how-to” with last-minute or unavoidable cancellation.
     i. ACTION: Silver to write memo re: “procedures for emergency program cancellation” (who to notify, issues/communications to be updated, etc.) and send to PC.
   b. Need for volunteers – A persisting challenge that is influencing organization’s offerings (e.g., cannot offer lunch without more support to manage payment and food table).
     i. ACTION: Suggest that PC adds a rotating “Program Assistant” role each week – a second member of PC who commits to attend and help support a program.

4. President’s Report –
   a. Quarterly Check-in on ED’s 6-point professional development plan on 5/4 at 11:00 am.
   b. Annual Meeting on 5/20 will include volunteer recognition. Paul, Scott, Media Committee deserving of special thanks and excellent work to celebrate volunteers locally. Thank-you gifts in progress. New Board members have been invited to attend.

5. Committee Reports

a. Finance –
   i. Documents – sent earlier today. Trends: Past 3 months had few new sponsors, but changing in April: PeaceHealth, City of Eugene, Keizer and Lane County all incoming this month.
   ii. Reserves – Have funds needed to meet six months operating requirement.
   iii. Fundraising and Development – general discussion of how CCE might continue to build capacity and strengthen organization.
     1. ACTION: Silver to convey request that PPPM researchers look at funding profiles of similar organizations and suggest strategies to strengthen funding / fundraising

   b. Membership –
     i. Update on membership initiative work. 2/4 committee out of country this past month, which slowed process. Chair identified opportunity to reach out to some long-term members and initial communications generated immediate positive response and renewal.
     ii. Budget for outreach – $1K in 2022 for membership committee
       1. ACTION: Suggestion to develop a coordinated plan to “touch” our membership – Ralph, Skip, Marilyn, Kitty, Kaarin.
   iii. Discussion of database clean-up – Needed to pull clean information from Bloomerang and effectively communicate with membership and supporters. Segued into discussion of annual renewal process.
     1. ACTION: Ralph will connect with Skip/Silver to pursue database clean-up work.
     2. ACTION: Marilyn suggested need to develop “robust membership renewal” process to understand how autorenewal, follow-up and communications are happening.
     3. ACTION: Ralph will send current “time to renew” letter sample to Board. With recent outreach, 3/6 members immediately renewed after receiving it.

   c. Media –
     i. Volunteers – Need new volunteers or capacity to fill audio engineering role as Paul retires from CCE. Ralph can take on some, but audio work is unique.
     ii. Updates to physical set-up for A/V underway, testing on 4/29. Goal is to make it more organized/accessible to assemble.
     iii. Discussion of production capacity and transitions this spring at CCE and LCC.
       1. ACTION: Kitty, Kaarin will meet with KLCC to follow-up on capacity building and options for how to reliably prepare weekly audio programs by Monday nights.

   d. Nominations –
     i. Incoming Board: All seats filled. Newly elected Board include Miles Pendleton, Sally Bell, Marti Ravits. Scott Coltrane departing the Board in May 2022.
     ii. Recruitment: Kitty and Kaarin meeting with Lisa Arkin on 5/3. Will fill President-Elect position later in 2022.

   e. Program –
     i. Programming Update – Programs largely scheduled through July, with three openings remaining. Land acknowledgement draft/outreach continuing.
     ii. Program Committee capacity. Program work is heart of the organization and additional volunteer capacity needed.
       1. ACTION: Kaarin to draft Program Committee memo in May – responsibility outline and data review.
       2. ACTION: Silver to deliver two documents in May: Board and PC roles/responsibilities – for new members and to share with old members.

6. Strategic Planning Update –
   a. Important Upcoming Meetings with PPPM team:
     i. 5/11 – Reporting back on interviews, SWOT analysis
     ii. 5/25 – Final Report and Recommendations
     iii. Make sure all are on calendar – all Board needs to attend

Adjourned at 7:01 pm

Respectfully submitted, Kaarin Knudson (standing in for Board Secretary)