Autobiographical Statement from Kitty Piercy

I came of age in the time of John Kennedy and joined hundreds of other Americans in joining the Peace Corps right after college graduation. It was an exhilarating time as a young woman to travel across the world to Asmara, Ethiopia to teach. I gained knowledge about another continent, another country, another culture, and my own capacity. I taught school, hitchhiked along the coast of West Africa, worked with folks who had TB and leprosy, and gave inoculations in the jungle. 

After returning home, I taught in Louisiana and headed to Berkeley in the heat of the anti-war movement. Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, War on Poverty were all part of my life and thinking. After marrying and having our first child we headed to Micronesia, living on the island of Saipan for two years and setting our path to Eugene. We adopted our second child. 

 Then with three children, years of teaching and activism led me to serve in the Oregon Legislature in leadership for three terms. Following was work for Planned Parenthood and a 12-year tenure as Mayor of Eugene engaged in all the challenges that American cities face.

I am now retired but I remain dedicated to community through board service with Eugene City Club and Square One Villages. It’s a full life.