Building Community Vision Through Open Inquiry

Our Mission

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Building Community Vision

The mission of the City Club of Eugene is to build community vision through open inquiry. We explore a wide range of significant local, state, and national issues and help to formulate new approaches and solutions to problems. Club members have a direct influence on public policy by discussing issues of concern with elected officials and other policy makers. Membership is open to all.

Our Purposes

  • Create a forum for airing divergent views
  • Produce credible analysis of community issues
  • Foster creative problem solving
  • Forge new cooperative relationships
  • Honor diverse perspectives
  • Discover commonly held civic values
  • Arouse appreciation for the obligations of citizenship
  • Stimulate informed community decision-making and constructive action

Join Us

Becoming a member is easy.  View membership options; join us or renew your membership.  We’d love to have you join the conversation!