Building Community Vision Through Open Inquiry

This year the City Club of Eugene maps out a new course to advance our mission – building community vision through open inquiry.

Since 1990 we’ve accomplished a great deal: 1,300 forums in 26 years – attended by enough people to fill Autzen stadium 1.4 times! No small task for a nonprofit that has always had one part-time employee.

Looking down the road, we see opportunities for more programming, classes, and public outreach, but our infrastructure is failing us.The wear and tear of many well-traveled miles has taken a toll on our 20- year-old database, 10-year-old website and content management software, 10-year-old printer, and 6-year-old office computer.

Since January, we have worked diligently to find affordable and reliable solutions to replace these tools. We have done some heavy lifting, as demonstrated by our new database coming online, and the new website presence. A quality printer and workhorse of a computer are still needed.

But this is more than just about infrastructure; the City Club has operated for years on a frayed shoestring budget, and sadly it has reached its end. We are in the very real danger closing…the road ahead, undiscovered. Your help is needed.

As you can see from our new web presence and messaging, City Club has demonstrated that this organization is still vital and committed. Future plans include creating a development strategy to help advance our messaging, grow programs, and further our outreach so the City Club can remain a place where creative minds come out to play. There is no shortage of work to be accomplished, but we need our members’ help.

Please invest in the City Club. Help us to strengthen our funding so we can continue to be the premier source for civic participation in Eugene. All donations will be recognized, and they are tax deductible.

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