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Many of us have purchased lunches at City Club forums, but have you ever wondered what happens to that money? Recently, a forum attendee posed that question.

The answer is simple: the income pays for lunch service, which we purchase from UO catering, as a condition of our contract. We use the income from guest admissions to help pay for the rental of the rooms, furnished and arranged to our specification. We have learned over the years that members want to have lunch available for purchase. In addition the fee for the room is the lowest available in city center and includes the parking that is important to many members. The price points for meals and admissions are set to cover only the costs of meeting, and usually they do (but not always).

An average forum (an audience of about 75) costs us approx. $400 to produce (yes four hundred dollars!), even with a generously discounted facility agreement. To cover our costs, we must sell all of our lunches (30) and a small number of general admission tickets.

Remember, the City Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; we do not receive a dime of tax dollars support to fund our mission – our financial support comes from our members and sponsors – those who value civic participation.

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